Holding space for you + your grief 
in a world that has forgotten how.

The brave, supported space you deserve that allows you to navigate the wilderness of your grief.


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I'm Hannah, it's nice to meet you. I'm sorry for the loss that brought you here.

I'm a grief coach + writer dedicated to supporting you as you face something that can't be fixed. My purpose is to empower you as you navigate the wilderness of your grief, support you to grieve consciously + walk alongside as you journey from loss to living.

As well as grounded, practical guidance, I’m passionate about including the body + nervous system in the equation. Not only is our body smarter than we could imagine, grief isn't something we can heal through positive thinking alone.

Reimagine for a moment,
your future with grief...

  • Waking up each day with a sense of hope

  • Living in a healthy relationship with grief, instead of having it take over

  • Clarity and mojo for your next chapter of life

  • Feeling prepared and confident to handle the important dates - anniversaries, birthdays, holidays

  • Equipped with a broad repertoire of somatic techniques to ground when a grief wave hits, ease anxiety, and wind down after a stressful day

  • Have access to on-going support for your mind, body and soul.

You can reclaim the vibrant, meaningful, hope-filled life you deserve.

See grief coaching and support offerings below, or book a free 30 minute clarity call to explore how I can support you.

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1:1 bespoke grief support + coaching


Fiordland Grief Support Network
connection + local meet-ups

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what others say


Hannah is a wise and highly compassionate human being who has the rare ability to hold a tender space for the grieving.


Hannah's unique relationship to loss, to understanding the journey and the search of finding oneself is a breath of fresh air. She relates to life with passion and gusto, a dash of humor and grit that holds space for understanding and growth. She is a great resource for compassionate understanding and being present.


Hannah is a wise, compassionate and generous soul (as well as a badass through and through). What she's offering the world is so needed. I'd absolutely recommend working with her!

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