Body-oriented support
for grief + life.

Here you might:

Learn ways to SUPPORT & NURTURE your mind, body & spirit through grief.

Reclaim RESILIENCE & CONNECTION to your own inner wisdom, using tools from yoga, nature & writing.

Find PRACTICAL RESOURCES for the hard things that come after the death of your person.

Share in CANDID, SINCERE CONVERSATIONS about grief & death.

Discover a cherished & PROTECTED SPACE to explore & TEND YOUR GRIEF.

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I'm Hannah,

A fellow nature-loving, soulful, modern griever. I’m sorry for your grief that brought you here, yet it’s lovely to meet you.


Like you, I experienced the deaths of loved ones before their time. I wondered how I would survive the grief, and if my life could really go on beyond it.

Most grief support basically said, "let time do the healing", but I wanted to be proactive and empowered, taking healing into my own hands. I uncovered the wisdom of my body and learned that tending to my grief didn't have to mean talking about it.

I still don't have all the answers. My role is to share my tools and knowledge, to walk alongside you on your own journey, and to help you cultivate your own sense of agency in grief.

x, Hannah

I'm writing a memoir about the deaths of my "three wise men", how the experience dismantled what I knew to be true, and how it led to deepening my connection with myself and life. It includes grief, love, honest details, dark humour, endurance adventures, travel and French pastries.

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It's for heart-centred grievers who feel there must be more to life than eat-sleep-work-repeat, and are compelled to seek meaning for their lives when a loved one dies “before their time”. It’s an exploration of grieving in the modern day, and how we might reclaim our own lives after a life-changing loss.

For updates, excerpts and publication info follow along on social media or jump on the email list.

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Thanks, it's great to have you here.

Hannah x

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