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Inspired by adventure . . . & coffee.



Hi, I'm Hannah. I take playtime seriously. But, like most things in life, not too seriously. I simply need to get outside to prevent a case of the snappy turtle.

From trail running & hiking to mountain biking & kayaking, to picnics on the beach & coffee with a view. My aversion to heights, the bad kind of pain, horizontal rain & gale force winds, & proper whitewater prevents me (so far!) from reaching hardcore adventurer status. 

I get a kick out of racing, & travelling to new places, but what I really love is hanging out with interesting & inspiring people.


Not that long ago I was stuck in a 9-5 job that I wasn't passionate about. Like many of us, I felt my life needed a shakeup. So I got my A into G, & in 2017 I launched Make it Dirt - which opened a whole can of opportunity worms.


These days I still work a "proper job" part-time and spend the rest of my hours in pursuits that I'm truly passionate about. I travel to adventures & events in my Ford Transit van. If you're lucky enough to be a passenger you'll be serenaded with nothing but country music or my latest podcast crush.

Why Make it Dirt? 

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt” is a quote by John Muir, a man heralded as the father of the conservation movement in the USA. It resonates with me on a number of levels – it’s an inspiration for us to head for the outdoors, to get out & explore our backyard & beyond.


But I believe we don’t have to travel far to find fun & adventure. I also see it as encouragement to take the path less traveled in life, to seek out & embrace new experiences; to push our boundaries & challenge the extent of our comfort zone.