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My Story

In the months following my 30th birthday...

I experienced the deaths of a best friend, my father + my paternal grandfather. It was like someone had picked up the cute little snow globe I’d been living in, chucked it against a brick wall + my reality shattered into thousands of unrecognisable pieces.


I barely had the chance to take a breath between each loss as the grief compounded.

As a voracious reader + lifelong learner, naturally I turned to books + the internet in an attempt to make sense of my grief. But most of it wasn't relatable.

Many authors were at least two decades older than me. Or were leaders in mental health or psychology with a career worth of expertise to call upon.

Much of the advice online came across as too clinical, almost sterile. As though it was written for a robot instead of the living, breathing human that I was (+ still am).

Where were the stories from normal people in their 20s or 30s? Where was the human + heart-centred wisdom, advice or research from people who had actually been there?


I wanted a sense of agency in my grief + not just “let time heal”.

I wanted to grieve consciously.

My hunch is that you do too.

Since those losses I've become intimate with my own grief, explored a variety of healing modalities, journaled + wrote, engaged in modern grief conversations, and embarked on further study + learning. And I continue to do ALL of these things.

As a grief coach I share my proven framework + hard-earned wisdom for navigating grief. A process that is refined through every griever I meet + is complemented by study in bereavement research + body-based practices.

I walk alongside you in your grief, allowing you to feel supported in your journey from lost to living. I empower you with grounded, practical tools to help you step back into the world, press play on life, and live vibrantly once again.

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