I know from experience that meaningful, holistic & dedicated grief support is almost impossible to find. The standard line of consolation is that "time will heal".

But what about those of us who wish to be proactive in grief, to grieve consciously?

My role as a grief coach is to fill this gap.

I teach you how to unearth & harness the wisdom in your body & nervous system so that you can become an agent of your own healing in grief. 

I offer guidance in the murk of grief that is compassionate, with advice that is actually helpful (because yes, I've been there).

I'm here to walk alongside you & sit with whatever is present for you & your grief right now.



In the months following my 30th birthday...


I endured the deaths of a best friend, my father + my paternal grandfather. It was like someone had picked up the cute little snow globe I’d been living in, chucked it against a brick wall + my reality shattered into thousands of unrecognisable pieces.

I barely had the chance to take a breath between each loss as the grief compounded.

Since those losses I've become intimate with my own grief, explored a variety of healing modalities, journaled, written half a memoir, engaged in modern grief conversations, and embarked on further study & learning. ALL of which I continue to do.

Somewhere in the middle I competed in a six-day mountain bike race in the New Zealand backcountry, fell in love with my mountain man, ran 250 kilometres through the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, rediscovered my SELF, radically changed careers, and spent two months living with a family in France immersed in their language and culture.

As a grief coach I share my proven framework + hard-earned wisdom for navigating grief. A process that is refined through every griever I meet + is complemented by study in bereavement research + body-based practices.

Let's not put this off any longer


Whether you're done with enduring grief fatigue & brain fog, sick of feeling alone & isolated in grief, or simply don't know where the F to start in rebuilding your life following a life-bending loss get in touch for a free 30-minute call with me.

You can tell me all about what it's like being in your grief cave, what's present for you right now, and your dreams for your own life that deserves to be fully lived. 

You don't need to sit back and "let time heal". There ARE ways to grieve proactively and consciously, holding a vision for the future while honouring your person. 


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