A safe, brave space for you + your grief.


HAVEN is grief support groups re-imagined.

It's community, connection, guidance, somatic practice, a library of resources, + 24/7 access to the online group + portal.

It's weaving the magic of mourning in community with my coaching; access to the wisdom in my soul + knowledge in my brain.

We start July 1st - click the button below to join us!


Founding Member Launch Deal

As a FOUNDING MEMBER you’re part of shaping this community into something you want to be in + experience. Which not only helps me to support you in the best possible way, but also pays it forward to helping to support other grieving humans too. 💞

Founding Member Price is $59 (NZD) per month, available until June 30.
For Founding Members this price will never increase over time - ever.

What's inside:

🔸 An intimate support group AND grounded, practical tools to navigate your grief in a healthy way.
🔸 A monthly theme - suggestions from members welcomed!
🔸 Community call once per month
🔸Opportunity for Q&A throughout each month
🔸 Guided body-based grounding + relaxation practices ... because our body is smarter than we could imagine + we can't rely on our thinking-brain alone to heal through grief
🔸 Journal prompts + explorations with pen + paper
🔸 Peer support + connection in an online group where you can engage or reach out anytime of the day or night
🔸 Additional members-only resources to watch, read + listen
We start July 1st - see you there!

Want to get in touch? I'd love to hear from you.


Send me an email [email protected]
or DM on socials @withhannahrae.