The Seed
Yin Yoga + Somatic Relaxation

An 8-week online experience

  • 8x 60 minute yin yoga sessions, videos released week by week

  • 8x 10-15 minute somatic relaxation + grounding practices

  • Journal + exploration prompts

  • Community of heart-centred humans for support, accountability + discussion

  • A direct line to my message inbox throughout

Are you:

  • Struggling to find ways to rest + actually relax?

  • Seeking to reduce stress + anxiety?

  • Wanting to improve flexibility + joint mobility?

  • Needing to do something that's just for yourself?

This is an opportunity to explore what embodiment, mindfulness, stillness + rest might mean for you - from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.


Starts April 10th.

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Count me in
for 8 weeks of restful movement, mindfulness + nurture. 

Payment Options

Tier 1: Support $225 - For the financially well-resourced, where you can comfortably meet your needs. Reflects the value of the program in Western economic markets.


Tier 2: Sustain $190 - For those on medium incomes, with reasonable access to financial resources and can usually meet your basic needs.


Tier 3: Foundation $155 - For those on low incomes, with caring responsibilities, from marginalised communities, and/or with little expendable income. Price also applies for students and teens.


Payment plans are available for every tier. The financial accessibility of this program is deeply important to me and there are always options so please email me if you want to chat.

To book your spot + for payment details email me


Thank you +

I look forward to exploring yin yoga + somatic practices with you soon.