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Take the time to sit down over a coffee or beverage with your team and just have a yarn about where you are at, physically and mentally, and what your expectations are for the Spring Challenge journey.

How do you feel about your current level of fitness? Are you struggling with motivation to get out and about?

It’s totally fine if this is your first real step into getting active. And it’s also totally fine if you’re a 4 minute per kilometre half marathon runner. Everyone is different. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Just have the discussion so you all know where each of you is at.

How much time do you realistically have to dedicate to training sessions and adventures? Apart from HAVING FUN, what do you want to achieve?

Maybe Spring Challenge is an excuse (and a great excuse at that) to keep active through winter and spend time with other super women. It might be to get a taste of adventure racing or to complete the course with flawless navigation. It could be to finish under a certain time or maybe you want to aim for the podium. If you want to win, let your team mates know. It’s no good finding out on race day that you’re gunning for gold and your team mates are just out for a Sunday stroll.

Don’t be afraid to be honest.

These are your fabulous and trustworthy team mates and being totally honest with them from the get-go is crucial for the enjoyment and success you experience as a team. It might also be helpful to keep these questions in mind over the coming months and to check in with each other occasionally to be sure you’re all still on the same page.

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