Who's in Charge Here? | Roles in your Spring Challenge team

Research* suggests that assigning a role for each team member, and sticking with it throughout the event, is a better prediction of the level of success achieved than sharing the same goals as a team.

Here are some suggested roles to cover your bases for a 3 woman Spring Challenge team.


The captain is the one who encourages and motivates you to get the best out of your team. She will make sure the team is focused and on task when required. She will take input from the team but ultimately she is your decision maker.


She looks out for the well-being of the whole team by making sure everyone is eating and drinking enough, keeping tabs on niggles and injuries, checking on how you are all feeling, and that you’re all happy with the pace.


This is your map boss woman. She is in charge of the maps and is the most confident navigator. She will make the route selection as well as be continually assessing your current route and thinking ahead.

You will all need to be able to read a map in case your navigator loses the plot.

Support each other in these roles. Discussion amongst the team is good but it is the lady in each of these roles that makes the final relevant decisions. One top tip is to have these discussions on the move if you can and avoid stopping too often – consistent forward progress is the key. The jobs don’t need to be divvied out straight away as it will likely become apparent during your training time together who is suited to what. But you will want this nailed down before you get to the start line.

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