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A committed and resourceful support crew is the magic sauce to having a great day out at Spring Challenge!

Here's a few tips to help your support crew be even more awesome:

  • There's a guide booklet and maps for the support crew when your team picks up their maps and race notes. Have a good read through this - it will tell you everything you need to know. Any questions can be asked at race briefing. I would suggest that the support crew and team go through their own maps and logistics separately, and then come together for a pow wow when you've all got your head around the course.

  • How are you going to find your team as they come into transition? And how are they going to find you? There's a few ways you can do this - throw around some ideas and decide on something before the race.

  • Transition areas can be hectic with speed stripping, bike chucking, and the general chaos that comes with many small groups of women being in a hurry. Everyone has their own ideas about the best way to organise gear and food in transition so it's a good idea to have a chat about it the night before. You don't want to feel the wrath of a woman who's arrived in transition after battling mud and scrub for the past three hours, only to find that her snacks aren't ready waiting for her!

  • Keep yourself warm and dry. Take warm layers, waterproofs, and maybe even a change of clothes. Sometimes you can be out there for a long time waiting for your team to arrive at transition.

  • Food, water and coffee! It's just as important for you as it is for your team to stay well fueled and hydrated. You may be moving around a lot and always doing something so make sure you've also got something decent to snack on.

  • Take photos and videos ... as long as you're not supposed to be doing something else useful. These often provide great post-match entertainment.

  • Have fun, enjoy the atmosphere, and keep a good joke up your sleeve!


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