13 Symptoms of Dot Watching Addiction

A strange affliction is currently sweeping through our populace. Cases of this disorder bloom about once a year, which results in restless nights, low levels of productivity, and severe anxiety. It goes by several names, but for the purposes of this article we will call it a "Dot Watching Addiction". Are you experiencing symptoms of Dot Watching Addiction associated with following the GODZone adventure race? See below to find out.

A classic case of dot watching addiction.

  1. You take your phone to the shower and toilet so you can get the latest tracking update of your dot without being interrupted.

  2. You have ridiculously accurate and efficient motor control when it comes to clicking tiny dots on your mobile phone screen, and have mastered the two finger move/zoom action. A side effect of this is the semi-permanent ‘peering frown’ facial expression.

  3. You feel pangs of guilt when you sit down to a delicious dinner of slow cooked lamb shank and roast veggies, topped with mint sauce, when you know the athletes of your dot are living off freeze-dried meals and OSM bars.

  4. A few days into the race you realise the Osprey Talon 33 really is the perfect, ‘do everything’ pack. Fortuitously Bivouac have a sale - and with big dreams of adventure, inspired by GODZone of course, it only seems appropriate that you purchase one. But winter sets in and your brand new pack is left alone to gather dust in the corner of your cupboard.

  5. You become an expert at estimating travel times of teams based on your judgement of their fitness, level of fatigue, and your best guess at the type of terrain they’re travelling through. You use all possible tools at your disposal to conduct this desktop study (in addition to the tracking on the GODZone website) - from Google Earth and the New Zealand Tramper website, to previous race results and anecdotes from ex-adventure racers.

  6. You refresh the live tracking as you wait for your takeaway coffee and see that the dot has moved. You garner stares and sideways glances from other patrons because: a) You let out a squeal of delight as the dot has made outstanding progress in the right direction. b) You groan in despair as the dot is veering off-course for a particularly dense-looking patch of bush.

  7. A reliable internet connection has never before taken such high priority in your life.

  8. You read every GODZone Facebook update featuring your team at least 3 times, and zoom in to every picture to garner as many details as possible.

  9. Shouting at your dot is not uncommon - especially when it is travelling in the wrong direction.

  10. All your fingers and toes are permanently crossed.

  11. There are random calculations scribbled on your grocery list from when you were trying to determine whether or not your dot would make the dark zone cut-off.

  12. You wish that Siri could just tell you the latest ping updates so you don’t have to interrupt your after work ride to pull over to see what’s happening. The pinch-zoom and scroll is just too difficult and dangerous to utilise one-handed.

  13. You take shortcuts home from the pub at 2 in the morning and momentarily worry about being ‘bluffed out’ by your neighbours retaining wall.

Your dot-watching addiction will only be cured when your dot crosses the finish line and you are able to carry on with normal life - or when you make the decision to become a dot yourself!