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Do the Perfect Tri Shorts Truly Exist?

17 Feb 2018

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There has been extensive discussion on this topic over the past few months. I believe the perfect pair do exist!


A couple of years ago I tried tri shorts of numerous different brands and styles. I endured chafing, thigh rubbing, itchy waistbands, and ghastly fashion statements before I eventually discovered the Tineli New Zealand tri shorts. We've been inseparable ever since!!


You can see the findings from my extensive research summarised below in 'The Definitive Guide to Short Length Selection'.


Ideal for:

  • Kathmandu Coast to Coast

  • Adventure Racing - GODZone, Spring Challenge, Absolute Wilderness, and more.

  • Triathlon (they are tri shorts after all!)

  • Gym training, weight lifting, cross fit, spin classes, and yoga.

  • Cooking dinner, watching TV, hanging out the washing, and vacuuming.




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