8 Signs You're at a Mountain Film Festival

Feeling quite satisfied in my achievement of securing a suitable carpark in the chaos of central Queenstown, I meandered off in the direction where I had pictured in my mind the host venue for the NZ Mountain Film & Book Festival to be. After a few minutes I started to question my internal compass so reached into my pocket to do a quick Google map check. As I was doing so, I noticed a few things around me that confirmed that I was indeed headed in the right direction.

Signs that you’re at a Mountain Film Festival

  1. One word - PUFFER. Puffer jackets in all colours, styles, and states of disrepair.

  2. Beards.

  3. Hiking boots worn as town-casual walking shoes, a fine choice to complete the outdoor-lover’s “going out to a movie” look. Items of clothing may have holes in them - the holes are not a fashion statement, instead they were earned and have a good yarn to match.

  4. Hoodies and saggy woollen hats.

  5. Middle-aged guys and gals dressed like your high school maths teacher, completely disguising their true badassery.

  6. Crutches, casts, and limps.

  7. Vehicles in the parking lot feature all kinds of gear carrying equipment, resplendent with 50 shades of dirt. From bike and ski racks, to kayak cradles and roof rails twice as wide as the sh*t box car.

  8. By the end of the night, all the beer is gone.