Congrats, you've secured an entry! ...Now what?

Congrats! You’ve conquered the stressful and challenging first obstacle in your Spring Challenge preparation - securing an entry.

If you missed out on an entry never fear! Don’t let that stop you from chasing adventures over the next few months as things can change right up to the last minute. Spots on the start line do become available through the wait list, and places in other teams open up for a replacement for a team member who can no longer compete.

Spring Challenge Geraldine 2017 - Raft stage on the Rangitata River. Photo credit: Matt Searles, Green Man Creative.

Here on Make it Dirt you’ll find a series of articles to help you on your journey to Spring Challenge. Thanks to everyone who completed the recent survey - your responses have been invaluable in creating resources tailored especially for you. If you missed the survey you can jump onto the Contact page at any time and fire away your questions!

We’ll cover:

  • Getting started

  • Training ideas (like how to fit it in around our crazy schedules!)

  • Navigation

  • All about bikes

  • Gear and clothing

  • Rafting and paddling

  • Nutrition

  • What to expect out on the course and more!

It might seem daunting but it’s such an exciting challenge and I guarantee that you will learn a lot, about adventure racing as well as yourselves.

“Who is she to be dishing out advice?”…”Wait, who is ‘she’”? might be wondering.

I’m Hannah, the mysterious chick behind Make it Dirt and if you're extra curious you can read more about me here. I’m certainly no Fa’avae but I’m always excited by multisport and adventures, and in my several years of racing I’ve learned a few things you might find helpful. The idea is to share everything I wish I knew when I first started, to make it easier for you! I didn’t know anyone who did things like Spring Challenge, and certainly didn’t know anyone who would answer my silly questions. Consequently, I learned a lot of things the hard way!​

An important 'must know' for those that don't know me - I'm not actually a member of the Spring Challenge event team and I do all this just to share the adventure love. I'm in the dark about the course and triple-read event newsletters to pick out hints between the lines, just like everyone else. Unfortunately, this means I can't help with your event-specific questions like "What grade is the river for Spring Challenge?", "Why is it so expensive to enter?" and "Can you give us stage distances?". If you discover the answers to these questions I'd love to hear from you!

Cheesy adventure selfies are plentiful on my phone, but not many end up on the internet. Here is a rare one that makes the grade for public consumption!

My Spring Challenge experience began in Hokitika in 2014 where I joined a team of ladies I’d never met before for the 9 hour event. It was my first adventure race and my first time navigating to reach checkpoints. We took 15 hours in torrential rain (almost 6 hours longer than the winners) to complete the course around the West Coast wilderness. But I was hooked.

The next year I roped in a couple of uni friends for the 6 hour event in Wanaka in 2015, and introduced them to the adventure racing scene. We had a team member change around when we took on the 9 hour event in Golden Bay 2016 and managed to nab ourselves a spot in the top 10. We then got the gang back together for Geraldine last year!

This year I thought it was about time for this southern girl to venture beyond the mainland. I’ve wrangled a couple of kick-ass chicks and we’ll be heading north for Taupo in October!

Let the Spring Challenge 2018 journey begin!