Is This Your First Time? Tips for Spring Challenge Rookies

If this is your first time doing Spring Challenge then this is for you. In the Make it Dirt survey on Spring Challenge conducted earlier this year, I asked respondents who had done the event before to provide their #1 tip for first-time competitors. Here is what they had to say:

A common theme was TEAM WORK.

"Team work is everything. Work out your strengths and organise your positions for the day prior and stick to them!"

"Make sure you love your team mates - you all need to look after each other, or it will be just a sh*t day in the hills!"

"Enjoy the day and remember to have fun! Make sure you get on with your team mates well and have the same expectations for the race."

"Train hard, then relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the race."

"Enjoy the training over winter - yes, go out an have fun with your team mates over winter and make sure you do bike and run/walk in the same training sessions!"

Quite a few ladies also had some great PRACTICAL advice.

"Practice on a wet day so you know how many layers to wear if wet and cold and everything is waterproof."

"Be super prepared for all transitions and have more gear than you need."

"Train together, do loads of rogaines, running in the hills, tramping and mountain biking anywhere you can. Have fun. Practice moving eating & drinking. Be smart with food."

And it wouldn't be useful advice for Spring Challenge if we didn't talk about NAVIGATION.

"Practice orienteering at night!!" - I think this one is super important. If you have a later start time or if there's a chance you'll still be out on the course in the dark, it's handy to have had some experience navigating at night. It's like a different world sometimes - your perception of distance changes and you can't see features that would normally help you along during the day.

"Navigation - You can be a fit and fast team but if you can't navigate it makes it a lot harder. It can be the difference between a good or bad race."

"Navigation, navigation, navigation, and put in the team training efforts."

"Don’t just follow the team in front."

But there's no prizes for guessing what the MOST COMMON #1 tip was . . .


Sounds simple, right?! ;)

If you want to know more or need a little nudge in the right direction, join us in the Spring Challenge Savvy Facebook group. A Make it Dirt community where you can meet other Spring Challengers, seek advice, and cheer each other on. See you there!