Last Minute Essentials | The Countdown to Spring Challenge is ON!

Not long to go now! You've done all the hard yards training over winter, spring is here and it's time to get the essentials ready for Spring Challenge.

Here's a few handy ideas to help you get ready for the big adventure.

  • Keep an eye out for emails and newsletters from the Spring Challenge event team, plus the Spring Challenge Facebook page for other updates and news. All the newsletters are available on the website if you think you've missed one.

  • Check your start time on the Team List.

  • Bike lights and headlamp - if there is the possibility that you will still be out on the course after dark you will need lights. Check that your lights work, ensure they are fully charged and take spare batteries. If you don't own any you've still got time to borrow some.

  • Is your bike in good working order? No funny noises or slow leaks in the tyres? It's not too late to get it checked out by a bike shop. A little bit of extra effort now could save you from frustration on race day.

  • Make a list. I've found that making lists for food and gear is a foolproof way to ensure I don't miss anything important. I've tried to wing it before but inevitably end up forgetting something crucial. There's a lot going on and a lot to think about - it's easy to forget something. I have a friend who was so nervous for his first ever multisport race (kayak, bike, run) that he forgot his bike - so make sure those seemingly obvious items go on the list too!

  • Have you got all the gear you need? Compulsory and more! You might have figured out during your winter training adventures that to stay comfortable you actually need more gear than what is listed in compulsory gear. Last year I had all my additional "just in case" layers in a box at each transition. Conditions were so wet and chilly that by the end of the day I had used every single item in that box.

The day before the event...

  • Pick up your Event Booklet, maps and race notes as early as possible. Time really does fly the night before the race so you want to give yourself as much time as possible to get organised. The support crew will also receive a guide booklet and maps. These should tell you everything you need to know. Any questions can be asked at race briefing. I would recommend that the support crew and team go through their maps and logistics separately, and then come together for a pow wow when you've all got your head around the course.