Recipe for a 'Damned Good Adventure' | Waiau-toa Odyssey

Here's a tried and true recipe for a damned good adventure, brewed by Simon Waterhouse of Resonate ( on the Waiau-toa Odyssey bike-packrafting adventure.

  • You’ll need a few mates, or if you like living on the edge choose a random group of total strangers.

  • Add a heaped tablespoon of wilderness.

  • Combine two of your favourite sporting disciplines and those throw those in the mix. If you prefer it extra spicy, make sure you’ve never done at least one of those things before.

  • Follow that up with a couple of cups of unpreparedness and performance anxiety.

  • Pick some dates off the calendar and commit to them.

  • Add in a good weather forecast.

  • Mash them all together and don’t forget to smile, even if you’ve never cooked an adventure like this before.

  • And for the finishing touches, give your adventure a name!

Simon joined Deane Parker, Damian Stones, Sam Jones and Grant Stirling on an epic 300km self-supported bikepacking and packrafting adventure through some of New Zealand's ultimate wilderness. They called it 'Waiau-toa Odyssey'. Curious to learn more? Check out their website at