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Sometimes the worst actually does happen. And we need more substantial support than "time heals" or "whatever you're feeling - it's normal".

Healing through grief is a sacred process and takes place in the mind, body and spirit. You can think of me as your mentor, someone who has already walked this hideous path.


Why? Because most advice masquerading as grief support sucks.


I'm Hannah,

A fellow nature-loving, soulful, modern griever. I’m sorry for your grief that brought you here, yet it’s lovely to meet you.


I created this space so we can share in the rawness and reality of grief. Come with me, we’ll go beyond the cheesy "forever in our hearts" quotes and pastel sympathy cards to the dark, messy coalface, the 'did I get out of bed and shower today?' side of grief.


At age 30 my life was flip-turned upside down by the deaths of a best friend, my dad, and my granddad with hardly a moment to catch my breath in between. Quite an induction to “the club”.

First Time Grievers

*this is your permission to

fall apart

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*you don't need to

get back up right now

I’m not here to proffer solutions, quick fixes to make it all better, or seven steps to "getting back to normal". Unfortunately, that's not how grief works. I know it feels like you're the sole inhabitant of a snow globe that someone has just shaken — violently.


Often it seems that no one could possibly fathom what’s happening in your fragile glass sphere. The word ‘grief’ is a label for a hugely complex and individual experience. It’s true that no one has experienced this in exactly the same way that you are, but there are other folks out there who know real pain too.


I’m one of them. I’m here as your life raft, something to help you survive the tumult of early grief.


Long Time Grievers

When you’re ready we can start to get back up, and I’ll be here to lend a hand with that awkward, heavy load. Because standing up and engaging with reality again is dizzying and has us staggering to our feet like a newborn giraffe.


Experiencing the death of your person, especially if it's before their time, is a universal upheaval that forces us to face the reality of our own mortality and question what it means to lead a meaningful life.


You can make like Bob Withers and lean on me as I guide you through healing, to help you rediscover your true north and reclaim your own life - one of vibrancy, intention and alignment.

Walk with me...

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