Wherever you are in your grief journey 

you are welcome here

Wherever you are in your grief journey 

you are welcome here

1:1 Grief Coaching

If you're feeling exhausted, isolated, lost, stuck in grief - or all of the above - I can help. Learn about my customised grief coaching program.

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Fiordland Grief Support Network

A private, online group & monthly local meet-ups for bereaved humans in the Fiordland area.

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Speaking & Collabs

I speak on grief, resilience, adventure & the wisdom of the human body. I'm available for events, workshops, retreats & podcasts.

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I have a hunch you don't want to sit back & "let time heal".


Perhaps you also:

  • Know the very real physical symptoms of grief (deep fatigue, headaches, digestive issues, or unexplained aches anyone??) and want to address this as part of your healing journey
  • Feel let down by traditional care (or lack of) for grief
  • Are stuck in a grief rut and are afraid you’ll spend the rest of your life living like this
  • Have a desire to explore the big questions - why is my soul here, what happens when we die and how do I find deeper meaning?
  • Have consumed all manner of information and advice but need a proven framework and dedicated support to make lasting change
  • See other people who have experienced great loss now living a full life and wonder how on earth they did it
  • Are ready to take empowered and aligned action to reclaim clarity, meaning and hope in your life
  • Know this won’t be easy and want to ensure you have support that is dedicated to you and your journey with grief.



is my 12-week 1:1 grief coaching program - bespoke & customised for grievers like you who wish to grieve consciously.


$2,500 NZD

with 3-part payment plan available


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What You Receive

This program & proven framework provides you with everything you need to be empowered through grief. It is 100% customised to suit you & wherever you're at in your grief journey.
With my support you'll cultivate a healthy, new relationship with your grief & reclaim the vibrant life you deserve.

Weekly Calls

12 weeks of 1:1 support + coaching calls via Zoom. Sixty minutes each week dedicated to you + the opportunity to dive deep into what’s present for you.


Body-based tools to reconnect you with your body that support you to move through grief. Somatic techniques to reset & re-tune your nervous system.

Direct Line

Access to me between calls via Voxer to ask questions, share breakthroughs + get support.


Resources customised + specific to you, including things you didn't know you needed. Plus exercises only available to 1:1 clients.

Fresh Lens on Grief & Life

With your commitment, time + energy throughout our 12 weeks together, you’ll create a being-ness with grief that once seemed impossible.

My Promise

I’ve got your back. When it feels like it’s all too hard or too much, I’m here to hold space for you to fall apart, then support you as you rebuild + rise.


You get to choose what "SUCCESS" in healing means to you


Because we all do grief differently "success" is different for everyone. For you it might look like:

  • Feeling seen, heard and validated in grief, with permission to grieve in your own way
  • Waking up each day with a sense of hope
  • Stepping out of your 'grief cave' and engaging in the world again at a pace, and in a way, that works for you
  • Access to a full toolkit of embodied grieving and grounding techniques
  • Taking consistent, empowered action while allowing space for rest, ease, connection, falling apart, and rebuilding
  • Living in a healthy relationship with grief, instead of having it take over

  •  Standing tall knowing that you are equipped with all the inner and outer support resources to handle whatever grief throws at you

  • Being energised to reclaim your own life that deserves to be fully lived
  • Having a clear vision for your next phase of life that honours you, your grief and your person
  • Practical steps to join the dots between now and living your vision beyond the 'grief cave'
  • No longer being held back by grief and sorrow from the life you want to live
  • Reconnecting with YOU and other important people in your life
  • Trust and confidence in your SELF


Humans aren't designed to grieve alone. 


Take your first step toward reclaiming the vibrant, meaningful & hope-filled life you deserve.


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I get it. It's an important decision & you want to do your research.